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And some changes following our 50 years..check out our amazing new front of school playground. We love our new playground markings. Compare and contrast with what they did look like! There's so much more to see.The website currently can't upload the many photos we have taken so come see for yourself!


Aerial views of Lake View Primary and Nursery School

Aerial view of school
Nursery outside play area
Main entrance
Aerial view, KS1 playground
Nursery outdoor area
Outside eating area
MUGA pitch (outdoor sports pitch)
KS2 playground and MUGA pitch
Aerial view showing KS2 playground
KS2 outside area
Aerial view of KS1 playground
Pupil allotments and outdoor Nursery playground
Pupil allotments and school Wind Turbine
Pupil allotments and school Wind Turbine
Outdoor playing field with outdoor classroom