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Foundation 1

Foundation 1

Welcome to Autumn in F1! For this half term, we welcome back the older children and say hello to some new children. To help with this transition and to help children and adults get to know each our topic is called 'This is me' and will allow us to follow the child's interests wherever they lead us. We have lots of exciting books planned to inspire and pull the children's attention including 'But Excuse Me that is my book', 'Only One You', 'Lets Make Faces', 'The Great Big Book of Feelings' and 'Peace at Last'. We will be exploring our feelings, our similarities, our differences and what makes us unique! 

Watch this space for photos of our adventures!    

Making hedgehog homes

Making hedgehog homes  1
Making hedgehog homes  2
Making hedgehog homes  3
Making hedgehog homes  4
Making hedgehog homes  5
Making hedgehog homes  6
Making hedgehog homes  7
Making hedgehog homes  8
Making hedgehog homes  9
Making hedgehog homes  10
Making hedgehog homes  11
Making hedgehog homes  12
Making hedgehog homes  13
Making hedgehog homes  14
Making hedgehog homes  15
Making hedgehog homes  16
This week was about sharing. We read the story “Don’t hog the hedge” where Hattie the hedgehog learnt to share her home with other animals that were getting ready for the Big Sleep. After we had read the story the children decided that they would like to be kind and make some hedgehog homes. We discussed how to make them, collected the items and then headed down to the KS2 playground to set them up. Well done F1! 

Children in Need day!

The children loved helping to support Children in Need day, we talked about what the day was about, why we collected money and how it helps. The children were amazing at listening and we had a lot of fun, especially trying to get a nice photo!

Mmmm marshmallows!

Mmmm marshmallows!  1
Mmmm marshmallows!  2
Mmmm marshmallows!  3
Mmmm marshmallows!  4
Bonfire night = the chance to explain to kids how to be safe around fire and fireworks. So what better way to show the children by actually having our own little bonfire. The children listened extra carefully to the instructions and enjoyed getting to roast and eat their marshmallows! 

Visit from the police

Visit from the police  1
Visit from the police  2
Visit from the police  3
Visit from the police  4
Visit from the police  5
Visit from the police  6
Visit from the police  7

Child’s interest = the invention of Foody Friday

Child’s interest = the invention of Foody Friday  1
Child’s interest = the invention of Foody Friday  2

Rain, rain, don’t go away ☔️

Planting our autumn vegetables

Planting our autumn vegetables  1
Planting our autumn vegetables  2
Planting our autumn vegetables  3
Planting our autumn vegetables  4
Planting our autumn vegetables  5
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Run away from the dinosaurs!

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We love looking at the child’s interests and they love learning about dinosaurs! We had lots of fun creating this video of the children running away from some dinosaurs!

Parent's comments

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On Big Bus you can play:

  • Animated Alphabet
  • Whitebeard
  • The Sweet Maze
  • Counting Characters

Feel free to play on anything...Enchanted (age 3-5) is the best for your child.

Medium Term Plan - Autumn 1

Curriculum map 2019-20

One Bright Night - a Nativity for lower school 2019 Kid Trouble

Please have a listen and learn the songs at home children.

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