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Foundation 1

Foundation 1

Welcome to Autumn in F1! For this half term, we welcome back the older children and say hello to some new children. To help with this transition and to help children and adults get to know each our topic is called 'This is me' and will allow us to follow the child's interests wherever they lead us. We have lots of exciting books planned to inspire and pull the children's attention including 'But Excuse Me that is my book', 'Only One You', 'Lets Make Faces', 'The Great Big Book of Feelings' and 'Peace at Last'. We will be exploring our feelings, our similarities, our differences and what makes us unique! 

Watch this space for photos of our adventures!    

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Look! A fairy!

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Some of the children were asking about the fairy door on the toadstool in our small world area and why they hadn’t seen a fairy yet, we explained to the children that the fairy only comes out at night or when it is really quiet.

So how can we see the fairy they asked?

It was decided that we would set up a camera to see if we could capture the fairy on video. The children came back in the next day and found out that we had, indeed, captured a video of the fairy! The children were very excited to see the fairy but decided that on the video it looked as though something had startled it.
We talked about how we thought the fairy was feeling, the children thought that maybe the camera had scared her.

The children then decided that the best thing to do was to write letters to the fairy to say sorry for scaring her. These letters were then left at her door at the end of the day. I wonder if there will be a reply in the morning ...

Lots of lovely discussions and imagination going on today, well done everyone!

This week it was pancake day and the topic story was Mr Wolfs Pancakes so we decided to make pancakes this week. The children really enjoyed helping to make the batter for pancakes. They remembered the ingredients that are needed to make pancakes and we talked about the othe things that we may need to help us make the pancakes. We talked about measuring and weighing and how we have to follow a particular set of instructions in order to make the pancakes. We all had a turn at whisking the ingredients together and then Mrs Pattison showed us how to flip them over. 

Afterwards all the children carefully prepared their pancakes with the topping of their choosing and then, best of all, they got to eat it! They were very yummy! Some very good listening skills going on throughout this activity, well done everyone!

Digger time!

Digger time!  1
Digger time!  2
Digger time!  3
Digger time!  4
Digger time!  5
Digger time!  6
We were given the opportunity to see a real digger in operation. The children were amazed at how big and loud it was and they all thought it was digging for treasure. We watched as it dug the hole deeper and how the wheels lifted off of the floor when it was digging a difficult piece of ground. We also saw the scoop change to a really big one and when the bigger scoop lifted out a large amount of sand the children were excited to see it being dumped into the dumper truck.
After our exciting experience with the digger we came back into nursery and the children then requested to paint diggers, play with diggers and to colour pictures of diggers, so we quickly adapted our activities to allow the children to do all of these things. 
What a great morning we all had learning about diggers and the jobs they do. The children also created some fantastic paintings, Mr Williams has requested the paintings so he can put them up around the building site. 🚜🚜🏗
The children loved this activity as it was very spontaneous. We noticed that children were using the playdough to make animal and human faces and using their fingers to make different facial features like the eyes and mouth. We sat the children down and had a look at some clay faces on the internet, this led onto the children asking if they could make their own clay face. We saw on the internet that some people had stuck their clay to trees and the children asked us if they could do the same. When we let the children follow their interests and use their imagination, it results in beautiful and detailed works of art...

Merry Christmas from F1!

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Christmas in F1!

Christmas in F1!  1
Christmas in F1!  2
Christmas in F1!  3
Christmas in F1!  4
Christmas in F1!  5
Christmas in F1!  6
Christmas in F1!  7
Christmas in F1!  8

These last few weeks have been lots of fun, filled with Christmas activities and cheer. We have done lots of Christmas singing, performed our Nativity in front of the rest of the school and our parents and had an amazing Christmas party! We have been on winter walks and finished it with a yummy hot chocolate and also had a special visit from Santa Claus! 



Run away from the dinosaurs!

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We love looking at the child’s interests and they love learning about dinosaurs! We had lots of fun creating this video of the children running away from some dinosaurs!

A different way of mark making!

A different way of mark making! 1
A different way of mark making! 2

Clingfilm + paint = lots of amazing opportunities to get creative

Clingfilm + paint = lots of amazing opportunities to get creative  1
Clingfilm + paint = lots of amazing opportunities to get creative  2

Reading outdoors

Reading outdoors 1 Finding interesting places to read and imagine

We enjoy learning with our friends and keeping busy.

We enjoy learning with our friends and keeping busy. 1
We enjoy learning with our friends and keeping busy. 2
We enjoy learning with our friends and keeping busy. 3
We enjoy learning with our friends and keeping busy. 4

Parent's comments

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On Big Bus you can play:

  • Animated Alphabet
  • Whitebeard
  • The Sweet Maze
  • Counting Characters

Feel free to play on anything...Enchanted (age 3-5) is the best for your child.

Medium Term Plan - Autumn 1

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