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Foundation 1

Welcome back F1!

Dear F1,

I hope you’ve all been okay during this time. I know many of you have continued to work your socks off and sent lots of lovely postings to Mrs Roberts. Well done if that’s you.👏 I know it’s been such a strange time , it has for me too. I have really missed my family and friends. This must be how you feel too. I hope there have been some positives for you too. I hope you have enjoyed spending time with mums and dads at home or at the very least you’re being good for them! Hopefully you’ve had some fun too especially outside with the lovely weather we have had.


Some of you will be coming back to school so I put some photos and videos to show you what this will look like for you. We are very much looking forward to seeing you. It might feel a bit strange at first and your teachers will explain about how we are going to behave in school, like doing our best with the social distancing. 👣

You will need to wear clothes that are not your best as you will be outside as much as possible so don’t do a Miss Warrington and wear your best high heels!! 👠  


When you arrive on Thursday you will queue like people have to when they go to Tesco’s etc. Mrs Roberts will show you to your station (your table) this will be where you continue to sit and have your stuff such as your sandwich box and drinks bottle.We will not be using the cloakrooms. There will be lots of hand washing on arrival and throughout the day too.


Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.😀😎🌈


Love Miss Warrington.x

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Foundation 1

Welcome to F1! Take a look at some of the adventures and fabulous activities that are children take part in on a daily basis. No day is the same in this nursery! 


And remember ... 

"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." (Fred Rogers) 

Every Tuesday we set out activities that the children can choose to participate in. These are primarily aimed at developing our gross motor skills (the big movements). The photos above show a selection of the activities that we set out. We have obstacle courses, parachute games, drawing on big pieces of paper, clingfilm painting, ball rolling and many more. What a lot of fun! 

World Book Day

WOW 🤩 Look at all these amazing wooden spoon characters that our children made for World Book Day! Our book theme was traditional themes and the children came up with some fabulous creations - Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood, to name a few. Aren't they just incredible and the children were so confident about telling us all about them and the stories they represent. Well done F1!

Hedgehog visit

We had a little visitor pop in to see us, his name was Tim and the children absolutely loved him. They sat very quietly making sure not to scare the little hedgehog and listened carefully to Mrs Wells as she explained to them about hedgehogs, what they like to eat and most importantly what to do if we see one out during the day. Good listening and attention F1! 
Whats better than a rainy day to get our waterproof onesies on and go mix powder paint together to see what happens. We had jumping in paint puddles to mix the colours, using the paint to decorate our mud kitchen, using our wheelbarrow to transport and mix different colours together. What a lot of messy fun! 

It’s snowing!

What. A. Day. We never expected it to start snowing today and what excitement there was when it did! The children were so happy and immediately changed into their waterproofs so that they could continue playing and investigating the snow. We tried to catch it in our hands, in our mouth and even on our nose! What fun! 

Making hedgehog homes

This week was about sharing. We read the story “Don’t hog the hedge” where Hattie the hedgehog learnt to share her home with other animals that were getting ready for the Big Sleep. After we had read the story the children decided that they would like to be kind and make some hedgehog homes. We discussed how to make them, collected the items and then headed down to the KS2 playground to set them up. Well done F1! 

Children in Need day!

The children loved helping to support Children in Need day, we talked about what the day was about, why we collected money and how it helps. The children were amazing at listening and we had a lot of fun, especially trying to get a nice photo!

Mmmm marshmallows!

Bonfire night = the chance to explain to kids how to be safe around fire and fireworks. So what better way to show the children by actually having our own little bonfire. The children listened extra carefully to the instructions and enjoyed getting to roast and eat their marshmallows! 

Visit from the police

Child’s interest = the invention of Foody Friday

Rain, rain, don’t go away ☔️

Planting our autumn vegetables

Run away from the dinosaurs!

Still image for this video
We love looking at the child’s interests and they love learning about dinosaurs! We had lots of fun creating this video of the children running away from some dinosaurs!

Parent's comments

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On Big Bus you can play:

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  • Whitebeard
  • The Sweet Maze
  • Counting Characters

Feel free to play on anything...Enchanted (age 3-5) is the best for your child.

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