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Welcome to Year 4



Welcome to Year 4 - We are a class of 30 children and our teacher is Miss Crutchley and our teaching assistant is Mrs Marriott.


In Year 4, we aim to work hard and try our best at everything! A huge focus in our class is that it is okay to make mistakes as they have the power to turn you into an even better learner. 


Our New topic is 'The Chocolate Touch' -  A book written by Patrick Skene Catling. Come back to see what we get up to over this next half term!

Picture 1

Summer 1 - The Chocolate Touch

Spring 2 - Rivers

Ancient Egypt 

Picture 1

Homework project!

Homework project!  1
Year 4 was set the task of researching Ancient Egypt for their homework. You can see Olivia went all out here and mummified herself! How wonderful, well done for your originality. 

Newspaper plan writing

Newspaper plan writing  1
Year 4 have been focusing on newspaper writing all about the discovery of Tutankhamun. We learnt that newspapers have lots of different sections, and here you can see Archie’s fabulous example of his plan, which he used for his GOLD write.  

Tadeo Jones

Tadeo Jones  1

Theme - We watched a short clip on “Tadeo Jones”, which we used as a stimulus for our next piece of writing. The children found this clip really entertaining and have created some wonderful sentences using a variety of sentence openers! 

Spring Curriculum Map - Ancient Egypt

We had the pleasure of one of the parents coming in and teaching Year 4 all about healthy eating. We consolidated our learning from last week and spoke in further detail about the different food groups within the Eat Well Plate and what each one does to help our bodies. We also talked about portion size and welcomed lots and lots of interesting and fascinating questions! We ended the session with tasting and trying new and exciting types of fruit. Take a look at the pictures above to see how we got on! Thank you Mrs Windibank. 


Year 4 have been busy learning all about healthy eating. We researched the 5 food groups and then created our own Eat Well Plate. 


This session, we looked at algorithms and used this to inform our Bee-Bot which way to go! Safe to say, all of the children enjoyed this! 



PE - We have been looking at some of the balances we have been practicing over the last couple of weeks. We used these to create our own gymnastics routine. We focused on starting and ending positions and different ways of travel. 

year 4 achievements

year 4 achievements  1
Year 4 have started a class book on all their achievements they get up to outside of school. Eve has recently started horse riding on a horse named Misty. She then also cooked and prepared a wonderful meal, form scratch for her grandma and grandad. How lovely! 

Year 4 are Attendance Winners!

Year 4 are Attendance Winners!  1

Year 4 are now in their NEW classroom! 


We are all very excited to now be in our new classroom! It makes such a difference to our learning. Take a virtual look at our classroom below: 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Ambulance visit 🚑

Ambulance visit 🚑 1
The children in Year 4 experienced something really special... a visit from an ambulance. Mr Davies welcomed questions and provided and insight view of the role of an ambulance and how important they are! The children thoroughly enjoyed, so thank you Mr Davies 🤗

🌟⭐️My stars of the class this half term!⭐️🌟

W/B 14th January 2019 - Layla H, Olivia C, Elle-Mae H, Jessica P, Mischa D, Holly W, Olivia A and Owen C (Choir stars this week for me! All of these children were absolutely brilliant during our trip to Young Voices- so well behaved and a pleasure to take, you did us all so proud! Well done!) 

W/B 21st January 2019 - Lucas H - Taking on board advice and showing a postitve attitude to learning. 

W/B 28th January 2019 - Annabel H - Star writing this week, working hard on applying skills and targets to her writing on an independent basis. 

 W/B 4th February 2019 - Suraj R - for excellent enthusiasm towards learning! 



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