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Foundation 2

Welcome to Foundation 2.


We are a hard working class, making new discoveries every day, following our school motto of

caring, confident and creative!

Keep checking our class page every week as we have a fun-filled learning journey that we'd love to share with you all.


Mrs Smith, Mrs Stirland & Miss Rockley


Summer Term !

We cannot believe that the Summer Term is here already ! We have a busy term ahead with lots of exciting things planned !   



Our Curriculum Map

Fishy Fun !

Fishy Fun ! 1
Fishy Fun ! 2
Fishy Fun ! 3
Fishy Fun ! 4
We had fun looking at a real mackerel and choosing our own resources to draw or paint it. We used charcoal, paint, pens and enjoyed mixing our own colours and shades.  

Chinese New Year in F2

Chinese New Year in F2 1
Chinese New Year in F2 2
We had great fun celebrating Chinese New Year in F2. We made our own dragon after watching dragon dances on the smartboard. We took our dragon in the hall for our own dance. Foundation 1 enjoyed watching us.
Picture 1
2019 is the Year of the Pig.  Mr Smith brought in two of his piglets for us to see. They were only one day old !    

Spring Term Week 1

Spring Term Week 1  1

The children have made a super start to the new term. Thank you for supporting them to come into school independently. 

We have started "Super Sentence" work in the morning and all the children have tried their very best...look how proud they are of their work !

A start of a New Year. Happy 2019 everybody! Our fabulous F2s have come in ready to learn and wow our special projects are amazing! Thank you families for having supported your children with these over the Christmas hols.


Get ready for updates regarding Spring Term happenings in F2.

Hello everyone smiley

We are now in Autumn Term part 2 and looking forward to all of the fun things we have planned, leading up to Christmas.

 Our theme for this half term is 'Seasons and Celebrations'. Books we shall look at include Percy the Park Keeper, Owl Babies and Kipper's Birthday.







Half term holiday 29th October - 2nd November


October 2018


Friday 26th October 2018

F2 have had a busy final week with half term approaching! Pumpkin fever reached our classroom. We we scooping out and exploring the insides of pumpkins using different tools and magnifying glasses. That was messy fun!

We also used the pumpkins to set up an investigation for which pumpkin rolled the best down a slope using the guttering and stands. 

Our story was 'Pumpkin Soup' and in our English, we wrote 'Missing Posters' for Duck. We tried very hard to describe what Duck looked like.

We also had our Harvest Festival, where Hazel from Church came to school and told us about where all of our donated food was going to. Finally we also celebrated the end of our Superheroes topic by having a Superhero themed party with F1.


Lyla was our KIRF award winner, for making the most progress in her maths since September.

Well done Lyla! You get to keep hold of the trophy until the Christmas Holidays!


Friday 19th October 2018

We have had a very busy week in F2 as this week. Our book was 'Supertato' and Evil Pea came to pay us a visit! On Tuesday morning, we came into find our classroom was a mess and that he'd frozen many vegetables and we had to free them. We decided to write Wanted posters for him and design traps to catch him. Evil Pea also decided to hide Supertato from us and we had to follow the clues given to find him - he was in Miss Warrington's classroom!!

In English, we went on to write speech bubbles, choosing either Supertato or Evil Pea.

In our Maths, we were weighing potatoes and started looking at addition of them too.


We also had a visit from Mr Davies, one of our school Governors. He is a paramedic and he brought his ambulance to school for us to have a look at. We asked some fantastic questions and were very excited when he turned the blue lights on and the siren!!

Pictures from this week to follow!


Our Star of the week rolled over from last week was Lyla for her fantastic number formation.

Our writer of the week was Riley Forte for his beautiful letter formation and writing about what he can do now that he couldn't when he was a baby. 


Well done Lyla and Riley!


Friday 12th October 2018


Mrs Bower came back from her week off to find that we had done some very exciting work whilst she was off with Mrs Smith. 

Our book for this week was 'Once there were Giants'.

In English we talked about and wrote about what we could do now that we couldn't do when we were babies. We came up with some fantastic things!

In Maths, we were looking at sizes and putting things into an order of smallest to largest. At first we found this to be a bit tricky but we soon got the hand of it!


Our star of the week has been rolled over to next week so come back to find out who it is!


September 2018


Tuesday 11th September 2018


We have had a busy but fun first week back in F2. We have been busy exploring our new look room and all of the areas of learning inside it! We have been painting, drawing, writing letters and numbers, constructing, reading and playing!

Mrs Bower, Mrs Stirland and Miss Rockley are very proud of us and have said we shall have lots of fun over the next year together. We can't wait!


Our Lucky Ducky winners this week are:

Molly, Riley and Megan.



July 2018


Tuesday 3rd July 

This week we have been reading 'The Rainbow Fish'

We did some creative art work this week linked to the book and the results are very effective  - Pictures to come soon!

We have been sorting sea creatures into different categories. For example, sea creatures with legs and without legs.

It has also been our Sport's Day this week. Mrs Bower and Mrs Bracegirdle said that they were very proud of all our achievements and for coping so well in the hot weather. We all managed to win a sticker for the races we competed in!

Next week, we have our Here Come the Girls afternoon which we are all very excited about. Read more next week.


Our star of the week has been carried over with us being busy at Sport's Day.


June 2018


Tuesday 26th June

This week we have been reading 'Sharing a shell'

We thought about what we could share with others around us and why it was important to share before we did some writing. We also explore different shells through magnifiers and talked about which shell was our favourite and why. 

In our maths work, we looked at sharing objects between different amounts of people.

We have also been busy preparing for our forthcoming Sport's Day on Friday 29th. We have all tried very hard when we have been up in our PE lessons and are looking forward to it now!


Tuesday 19th June

This week we have been reading 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'

This got us talking about what we would have in our lunch baskets and hope that the seagulls wouldn't eat what was inside them!

Mrs Bower brought in a selection of foods and challenged us to make up a healthy lunchbox. The foods included sandwiches, nuts, water, chocolate milk and a chocolate cake bar. A lot of us were able to explain about how too much sugar was bad for our teeth if we ate lots of sweet foods. 

In our maths work, we continued to look at time as that is our KIRF for this half term. Mrs Bower is so impressed that we can explain o'clock with the long and short hands on the clock already, she's looking to challenge us even further!


Neo was our star of the week for his fantastic speaking in explaining his Family Box to us all. He did a brilliant job telling us all about his family and his favourite teddies and what he'd received for his birthday.

Well done Neo! 


Tuesday 5th June

This week we have been busy finishing off our Once Upon a Time topic by reading

'The Three Little Pigs'.

We painted houses and made houses out of duplo bricks and our big outdoor bricks, using toothpaste and shaving foam to help them stick together like the builders use cement! We had lots of fun doing this. In English, we were able to sequence the story and write about it using the pictures.

In Maths, we were doing lots of different maths. Mrs Bower challenged us to remember our 2D and our 3D shapes. She also asked us if we could do 1 more  or 1 less than a number, weigh objects to see if we could explain which object was heavier and lighter and measure Cuisenaire rods and put them in order of smallest to largest.

We also explored how torches work and used colour paddles to see what colour we could change the light. Mrs Bower also showed us how to use a Bee-Bot and program it to move in different directions.

The most exciting part of our week though was our 'Here Come the Boys' afternoon when lots of daddies were able to come and join us and see what fun we have here in F2 with our learning. We can't wait for next month for the mummies to come and have some fun too!


Ellen was our star of the week for all of her maths work! She could remember so many things that we've learnt this year and it amazed us all!

Well done Ellen! 


Half Term 25th - 29th May