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Year 1

It's always a busy and exciting time in Year 1.

We are a very friendly and hard-working class of youngsters

guided by Miss Dykes, Mr Martin and Mrs Bramwell.


Gymnastic achievements shared by Maria.


Ice skating achievement shared by Zoey.


Year 1 - achieving the attendance award again! Well done!


Congratulations - no to Joshua - who was Star Writer for all of his progress made in writing, reading and being an independent worker in all aspects of learning.


Practising non standard measurements with clay.


Visiting the lake, taking our teddies before we ate our picnic, to finish off our cross curricular Maths week.



Creative homework following our cross curricular Maths week based on the book ‘Picnic Problems.’



Word (!) Book Day in Year 1, working hard to up-level our describing words.



Year One were invited to sketch the diggers laying our new drains. Then we painted them carefully, so that we can use them as posters on our driveway. We were fascinated at how the team had to work together to dig the deep hole (SMSC Sp2) and then we were super creative in our representation using paint (SMSC Sp3).




Using the new iPads to navigate the Espresso learning platform. Good partner skills. We talked about staying safe online.


Making ten to help us when adding - this is a key concept in maths and we are working on it practically until we really understand what we are doing. We have been doing lots of discussion and explanation during this topic and our verbal reasoning has improved greatly, as have our visualisation abilities.


Year 1 were tasked with making their playground even better. The children followed the rules well and worked so hard planting the winter pansies and putting stones around them to look make the planters look more attractive. We loved the Lake View 'blue' colour of the flowers and we talked about dead-heading them to ensure more flowers came in the Spring and Summer. We certainly had the opportunity to 'Sense enjoyment and fascination when learning about the world around us.' (SMSC) We thanked Mr Williams for helping us carry the heavy stones and breaking up the hard ground.


Celebrating Epiphany with a French tradition - Galette des Rois- thank you to William's mum for providing it.


Year 1 won the best attendance award. Well done Year 1.



Making a tree decoration as an early Christmas present to our loved ones - Lottie makes an angel out of colourful air dry clay


and Zoey makes an intricate bauble.

Joshua shows us his trophy and certificate for his gymnastic accomplishments:



We were lucky to go and see the pantomime at the Palace theatre, it was the first time that many of us had been. We had a very bumpy bus trip and then waited patiently for the show to begin. Miss Dykes said that we were the best behaved school in the theatre!



Lottie shares with us her new piano book - we are very interested to hear how her first lesson has gone and she tells us lots of interesting facts about the musical notation. A super after school hobby to pursue Lottie!



Lottie's grandpa and nana visited us and talked to us about their relatives who served in World War One. They also gave us some photographs and made us a video of their visit to the Somme which we were very interested to watch. We asked them lots of questions and they let us hold some medals.







Working on our 'How We Remember' commemoration - our parents came to help us make some poppies out of craft materials.








KS1 finally get their playground back and they discover that it has been enhanced- the children were super pleased and really enjoyed the new playground markings. Year 1 were very interested in the map of the UK which they recognised from their work in class.









Learning about how people help our community - Mr Davies, our school governor, brought in an ambulance and talked to the class about why people need to use the emergency services. Mr Davies talked about the importance of learning well at school so that you can support the community as a grown-up. Thank you Mr Davies!




As part of our special focus in school on science  - we looked at new vocabulary to describe smells - we used 'pungent, minty, sweet and floral'.


We studied the work of Mondrian and produced some of our own art work in the same style. Then we mixed secondary colours and added strips of black paper.


Learning how to use the computers has not only helped with our computing curriculum, but also helped us to practice our sentence construction and our number bonds.


We painted pictures of our favourite cuddly toys and learnt about Dave's special teddy called 'Dogger'.




Come back and visit soon,


Miss Dykes 





Y1 Curriculum Overview