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Parents view of School questionnaire - March 2018 and March 2019

Anti-Bullying Questionnaire October 2017

Feedback from a parent completing the questionnaire:-


"My child was subject to bullying and school dealt with it amazingly.  The bullying stopped immediately and my child was made to feel safe and that there was always someone there for her."



Feedback from a parent about how happy her children are in school,  how glad she is that her children came here and how well school deals with any issues.

“Communication at Lake View is second to none”.

Week ending Friday 28th April 2017


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Andy Oxnard - Notts Fire and Rescue Service held an assembly and said the following about our children and staff:


"The children were fantastically well behaved and very enthusiastic.  The teachers were very friendly and organised the children really well.  They let them get involved in the fire presentation and then quickly brought them back to order so I could continue.  Very impressive!"


6th December 2016, 10.30am





“We were blown away by the brilliant Lake View children today.


We’ve been in the classrooms watching the children doing their phonics work, reading and writing.


We have interviewed children about their work, their targets and their books.  Some of them even took us back to the classroom to show us their fantastic classrooms.


The children were really engaged in their learning, on task, enthusiastic and as ever, well behaved.


The staff made us welcome and we could easily talk to anybody.  The level of expectation is very high.


The lunch that we shared with children and parents was a delight.


Thank you to all involved and thank you to everybody.”





Hello Lake View Primary,


It was wonderful to visit your school, meet your pupil and teachers and to further promote the Yellow Fish project.  Thank you.


Attached is a picture we took which we hope you will share with your pupils - perhaps via your school newsletter or to put up on a notice board.


We will be sending you a letter/flyer to go to every pupil at Lake View to invite families to attend a community 'Yellow Fish' event in Rainworth, so we will be in touch shortly with information about this.


Please thank your Head Teacher and also your pupils for their involvement and enthusiasm.


Best wishes,


Trish Evans


(in behalf of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Environment Agency)

Parent Comments:


Ideas for improving

  • More after school clubs and even a holiday club.
  • Parents becoming more involved.
  • Remove the balance beam from the KS1 playground.
  • More reward schemes.
  • Keeping us informed.


Things our parents like about Lake View

  • Maxwell's mum said "the teachers."
  • Ethan's dad said "love the morning songs."
  • Alyssa's mum said "star of the week assemblies and the special Mother's Day and Father's Day lunches."
  • Benjamin and Daniel's mum said "it is a friendly, happy and polite school - all the adults and children!  It is a lovely school to send my 3 children to."
  • Teagan's mum said "school council, Young Voices, young ambassadors and football club."
  • Amelia's mum said "security in school, the school website and the appearance of school."
  • Owen's mum said "the support received from the headteacher and class teacher.  All the friendly staff at Lake View especially the caretaker who is always extremely helpful and approachable, with nothing ever being too much trouble."
  • Megan, Jade and Ebony's mum said "I am happy with everything in the school."
  • Rosie and Harry's mum said "Text and Twitter and staff are very approachable."
  • Michael's mum said "I loved the Mother's Day meal, it was very different and we never had this at our old school."
  • George and Isabella's mum said "we really enjoyed our Mother's Day lunch.   Had a lovely polite welcoming reception from Y6 children.  Dinner was delicious, thank you to Mrs Johnson and the Chef for letting Ted have a meal, he really enjoyed it too."
  • Maddison and Stevie's mum said "very happy with the school and love Miss Warrington, she is amazing!"