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We are so proud of the amazing Maxwell in year 2. Read his  500 words story below; it is brilliant! He is an official storywriter with BBC Radio 2  - woweeeeeeeeeee!


Once upon a time, long ago a battle was going on with gun powder. On a battle field hidden in space. This battle field was on the moon at the time. Guy Fawkes and Thomas Percy were trying to blow up the moon with Gun powder. Earlier that week Guy Fawkes had stolen Apollo 11 to get to the moon. They got Apollo 11 by sneaking into NASA by using a astronaut suits and pretending to be Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Guy preferred the sky on earth with no moon, he didn't like the crescents. He asked Thomas to help him on his mission to blow up the moon. He promised Thomas a big reward for helping him. His reward was a police disguise.

When Guy and Thomas landed on the moon, Super Seth and Super Rusty were stood in front of them, waiting for them to get out. Super Seth was wearing a red super cape with a huge S on it, which made him fly. Super Rusty had the same cape but with a R and a blue bone on it. The cape made Super Rusty Fly.

As soon as they got out, they were ready with there fire powered, gun powder bombs attached to anti-gravity weights. The gun powder started to explode and destroy the moon. The new craters made the man in the moons face look weird. His eyes were now gigantic and his nose was all wibbily wobbly. There was Moon dust everywhere which made everything hard to see.

Super Seth and his super dog, Super Rusty, the world's greatest super hero's were struggling to stop all the gun powder. Then out of no where came Super Iron M Man, with Sparkling Red M and boosters, he said 'How are you doing guys?'. Their answer was not great because of the gun powder being too loud and they couldn't stop them exploding. Super Iron M Man then had a 'lightbulb' moment and suggested they took off the anti-gravity weights. They decided on a plan using all three of them. Super Seth was going to distract Guy and Thomas by freezing them minds with his amazing super powers. Super Rusty was going to chew through the rope on the anti-gravity weights and Super Iron M Man was going throw them into space to explode. As Iron M Man threw them into space, they looked like fireworks going from the moon, but one landed on Mars and exploded, causing a big red dust storm in space. Then all the planets turned bright red.

After all the gun powder bombs had exploded in the sky, Super Iron M Man chained up Guy Fawkes and Thomas Percy. He took them back to planet earth and put them in jail. Super Seth and Super Rusty returned Apollo 11 back to NASA. They were rewarded with medals and buckets of their favorite sweets.


From then on, the man in the moon always looked a bit different with his wonky face!


Written by Maxwell, Age 6

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